SAPS Sector Number's  

Alberton SAPS 011-861-6800

SAPS Sector Vehicles:

Sector 1:    
South Crest, Alberante, New Redruth, Boulevard, Raceview, Randhard ,
General Alberts Park      



Sector 2:    
Alberton North, Elandshaven, Verwoerdpark & Florentia.



Sector 3:    
Roodekop , Leondale ,Rondebult , Phumula & Phumula Gardens.






Every citizen in ALBERTON who wishes to become part of the SOLUTION against CRIME in our town and in our country is encouraged to become involved and active in the ALBERTON CPF.

“Crime will thrive and triumph in a community where good citizens… nothing”
How can YOU, a good citizen of ALBERTON…DO something and become part of making a difference against CRIME?
Become an ACTIVE, INVOLVED and COMMITTED member of your particular SECTOR CRIME FORUM (SCF).
Your active involvement in and commitment to your SCF and to the CPF as a whole, will give you the opportunity to offer your unique skills and resources in the collective fight against crime and for the safety and security of our town.


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Banking Details:

Account Name  : Alberton CPF

Bank                : FNB

Branch             : Alberton

Branch Code     : 250-942

Acc Type  : Money Market Transactor

Acc Number  : 62385756162